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Graphic Design

Do you desire to make a lasting impression? 

Do you want more people to know and recognise your brand ?

Would you like to attract a returning crowd of customers? 


Having your own unique logo can elevate your brand’s awareness and improve your marketing results. There’s no limit to what you can get designed at Hidewood Signs and Print. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning signage or printing, we have the talented team to make it happen. 


For brand new, for upgrades, for improvement to your business Visibility, we have the team for you. 

With brilliant graphics, sharp design work, and smart layouts, we will work with you to create your Logo, Branding, and Style package.


We provide professional graphic design work done in-house.

We create a complete package of the logo, the colours, and layouts.

We work out the practical ability to implement the same style and colours across business.

We colour match for all projections on the Web, in print, and on all signage.

We create and maintain your information on retrievable archives for repeatable work.


To gain that right design service, call us to help your business to be simply outstanding.

Honey Logo
Phoenix Logo
Ciprian Logo
Hello Logo
Power4all logo
I Logo
AFD logo
Harmony Touch
Caluka Farms
Company Logo
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